Sunday, March 29, 2015

The Work Moves Forward

Dear friends,

Hello! Toyohashi continues to be the best. We found an awesome new investigator this week named M...sawa, and have already had two fantastic lessons with him. There is a very big possibility that he could be baptized next transfer!

Speaking of next transfer, we had transfer calls a week early, because President Yamashita was asked to go to Utah for general conference (he being a general authority and all) so he won't be here this week. And. . .my companion is transferring. I'm a bit disappointed. I've gotten along better with him than I have with a lot of companions. And since he has only been here two transfers himself, and our relationship is great, I thought for sure that we would get another transfer together. ​But, thus is the way missions go.

My next companion is Japanese. . .again. His name is Elder T...ka. He is the first companion who I have known previous to actually being his companion. He's a nice guy. Though I don't think he is comfortable with being a missionary. And he is pretty quiet. Next transfer will definitely be an adventure. But it's obviously something I can handle, otherwise it would not have happened. But it will be very important to make sure to keep my head on straight so that I don't lose my mind in case things are more difficult than I anticipate.

Anyway, things are still good. God is still God. He still loves me and I still love Him and Jesus, too.

With love,

Elder Mueller

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