Monday, April 28, 2014

A Short One

I'm so sorry! I don't have time to write much! I have to finish my report to the Mission President.

I'm having companion troubles again. This time in a completely different way. This companion is unmotivated and really doesn't like being the Senpai. He struggles every day to do missionary work, and this area has stressed him out way bad.

But I will make it through! But please pray for me!!


Monday, April 21, 2014

A Miracle

I apologize for not sending anything last week, but this week I will tell you about a miracle that we saw here in Numazu recently, as well as some things that maybe don't look so good right now.

A couple weeks ago, Elder J and I were riding along the top of the sea wall in order to get to an appointment. We chose this route because we don't usually get to see the ocean, there being this sea wall and also a thick stripe of trees inbetween the roads and houses and the ocean. We stopped a couple times to take pictures, but one time as we were doing this, this really, really tall white man who was walking along this same path just started talking to us. His name was B, and we found out that he was from Poland. He also expressed a desire to come to church when he found out that we were Christian missionaries, but unfortunately he was leaving for Vietnam for business in just a few days time, so he wasn't able to come. But we exchanged e-mail addresses and he told us to "keep in touch."

Just a few days ago, we got an e-mail from him saying that he was back from Vietnam already because his wife who lives in Japan found out that she is pregnant with their second child. And he said he wanted to know when church was and if he could "meet with us and have some tea and biscuits." And so he came to church yesterday and he expressed a lot of interest in learning about the church. So we taught him about the restoration and he was really excited to get the Book of Mormon and to see what it had for him to benifit from it.

God is preparing people everyday, and he directs them to his servants, who in this case just happened to be us. The Lord works in mysterious ways, and this is especially evident when working in His vineyard.

However, there is also some sad news. If you remember, A, the Philipino lady who just showed up to church one day when I first got to Japan got in a car accident on the very day that we were planning on asking her to be baptized. It has been really hard to get in contact with her. She works at a factory and she also has to go to the hospital now because she was injured in the accident. We finally got an appointment to meet with her for two days ago. But on Friday, the day before the appointment, she got in another accident. She ran into an old man. And so now she doesn't want to use her car at all, and now she isn't sure about the church because every time she decides to meet with us or come to church, something bad happens.

But! I know that the Lord is directing her life, just as he directs everyone's. These things weren't just random happenstance. They needed to happen. I cannot see the full picture right now. But I know that everything will work out for the best.

Have a good week,

-Elder Mueller

Monday, April 14, 2014

From Alex's Mom

Hi, everyone. Alex didn't send out a general letter this week. but he did send some photos and a message to me. He is doing a bit better. His companion only speaks broken English and Alex only broken Japanese, so communication between them can be tough sometimes. He feels a bit lonely. But he is learning to stay very close to the spirit. In his words: "...I have to rely on God to be my friend. He, of course, is a great friend, and I have lately been able to strengthen my relationship with him and open more wide the channels of personal revelation as I pour my heart out to Him on a regular basis...."

Here are some photos:

A sunset in Numazu.
Sakura in Kanami, waiting for our investigator to pick us up for a lesson.
Me playing Settlers of Catan in Fukuroi. There was a District Leader meeting in Nagoya, so Elder J and the other DLs went together, and I was in a threesome with the guy who's sleeping (He's a bean. It was like his first week as a missionary in the field), and the guy taking the photo, Elder Na. But the trains were delayed coming back, so we just had to stay the night in Fukuroi, the six of us, so we played Settlers. They play it weird here.
Elder Na and me at interviews.
My goofball companion, Elder J.
Yours truly.

-Elder Mueller

Monday, April 7, 2014

Silencing Satan

Hello, everyone,

I realize that the Subject is a bit graphic, but I think it's appropriate. Allow me to explain why.

As I wrote last week, my trials did not end in Fuji. The negativity and depression that I fought against there lingered on in my mind, allowing Satan to put pressure on my soul like I have never experienced before. And also allowed him to drag up insecurities that I thought I had buried for good a long time ago.

This all has taken a significant toll on my ability to work. To the point where thoughts of giving up and just being done often entertained my mind. It's amazing the power that the devil has to bring us down.

However, the power that he posesses is nothing in comparison with the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, I realized something that blew all of those things away.

All I need to do, is follow the Spirit. I have been relying far too much on my own abilities, talents, wisdom and stamina, and little on the divine help that the Lord has provided for us all. The Spirit will guide me and so it doesn't matter how much I mess up with Japanese, or how difficult it is for me teach. Because this isn't my work. I'm not the real teacher. The Spirit is.

I'm sorry this is short. But I promise I'll talk more about the work and the other miracles I'm seeing every day next week. We have an appointment soon that I'm really excited for in a little while, and I need to go.

Trust in the Lord! I love you all!

-Elder Mueller

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