Monday, March 16, 2015

Getting Better All the Time

Hello, It's Elder Mueller.

Toyohashi continues to be exciting. This week involved picking up a member of a strange Korean Christian church that believes that​ the Korean lady that runs it is the resurrected Jesus as an investigator, a fantastic practice lesson with the next mission president, as well as an amazing devotional broadcast all over Japan by Elder Nelson of the Twelve, Elder Evans of the Seventy who was a mission president here a number of years ago and Elder Ringwood of the Asia North Area Presidency. They spoke in English, but there were translators right next to them translating things in real time to the congregation.

The work is moving forward. Sometimes it's progress is imperceptibly slow. But it is the Lord's work. And we are his servants. All I hope is that I can do as he asks and be who he needs me to be.

With love,

Elder Mueller

Q&A with Elder Mueller

Q: You are getting iPads, huh? Does that mean you will start using social media in your missionary work?

A: We are getting iPads. And as far as I know, we are going to start using social media too. I don't know specifics yet, but there is a mission conference this week where we are going to receive the training for using them.

Q: Where is Elder M from?
A: Elder M is from Arizona.

Q: Do you have meals with the members sometimes?
A: And we do eat with members sometimes. I will send you pictures that we took when at a member's house this week.

Q: How are things in the kitchen now that you have been in Japan awhile?
A: Cooking is okay. I know how to make a few Japanese dishes now. They don't really have the ingredients for most of the stuff I knew how to make before my mission. We also don't have an oven. So everything we cook is on the stove. It's definitely an adventure.

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