Sunday, April 5, 2015

Out the Door, Into Wonder

I seem to have waxed poetic this morning. It is the dawn of a long awaited time. And my soul is filled with life and love.

Today marks the beginning of my twelfth transfer as a missionary. And my desires and my vision have been changing. The Lord is expanding my heart, and teaching me in quiet whispers what I am to do, and granting me the feelings I need to do them.

I received a blessing yesterday in anticipation for this next transfer, and the Lord made it clear that in no uncertain terms that my situation, my experiences, my heart, all is known to Him. He said that this transfer would be one of trials and hardships, but also one of miracles. This transfer I have been promised that as long as I am faithful, I will be blessed to find those who have been prepared, and who I will eventually be able to see come unto Christ.

The Lord is unfolding the gospel to me. All that I teach seems clearer and simpler than it has before. And I am receiving the skills and thoughts I need to teach the truths of the restoration to our brethren here in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Yesterday, Easter, was a very spiritual day. Elder D and I had the privilege of playing special prelude music before sacrament meeting (He on the piano, and I on the violin), and it brought a very special spirit to the meeting. 

Elder M leaves tomorrow. And after that I will be working with Elder T...aka. I only pray that the Lord will fulfill His promises, and that I will be able to stand faithful.


Elder Mueller

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