Monday, May 26, 2014

Not a very exciting week, but nevertheless. . .

Hello, I found out some cool stuff this week. I still don't know the details, but apparently Ueda was the location of some pretty famous stuff in Japanese History. The fought off Tokugawa's army twice. I want to know what the story is better though. Because right now I just know the very basic details.
We have these investigators. Their name is Miyazawa. It's a family of 5. There are three kids, and we teach the older two English and then afterwards we teach the parents about the Gospel. One thing that is common in Japan with missionary work is that if a person has been to America, they are much more likely to actually progress and have genuine interest in the message that we teach. The Miyazawas spent a lot of time in America and their English is really good.
This past Saturday, we had a lesson with just the husband, not the wife, this week. And it went really well. When we talked to him about Joseph Smith's First Vision, he said that he would want to have an experience like that, and that Joseph Smith must have been really special to have something like that happen to him. He does have genuine interest, and I think his wife does too.
I had a talk in Sacrament Meeting yesterday. And it went okay. Members are usually just impressed by the fact that we can speak Japanese at all, so their pretty forgiving of language mistakes.
Things keep moving along. Ueda is a good branch. There is some tension between members sometimes though. Which is not so great. I think it's harder in a branch with things like that because everyone has to do more. But at least people are still civil with each other.
I definitely want to stay in Ueda for a long time. I don't want to have to move. Hopefully, after Elder Beck leaves, probably at the end of this transfer or next transfer, I'll get the chance to train a new missionary. I really want to get that opportunity. So far, the best times on my mission were when I was with my trainer, not that things aren't great right now, but I want to help someone and mean as much to someone as my trainer did to me. Especially since my trainer, Elder Gillespie is going home in three weeks :P
I hope you're all well. Because I'm doing fine. 気をつけて!!!

-Elder Mueller

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