Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Week Past


We've been seeing lots of miracles this week in Ueda. We have this family of investigators, but they haven't been really progressing. But we decided to focus more on the daughter, since she's 20 and will actually listen to us. And we invited her to come to a Family Home Evening at the church, and she came! And she brought a friend. And after we played some Uno (And I won every single round), we shared a message about prayer and she was really really focused on it. And we visited their house yesterday and moved their electric piano and ate food and invited her again and she was super excited to come! 

Also, our progressing investigators, the M---was, almost had a baptismal date when we invited them last Saturday, and they said that they would want to be baptized if they know it's true, but they aren't sure yet. But I might see my first baptism here, and it might be theirs. 

Also, Zone Conference was last week. The Mission Home people kind of swing back and forth between saying 'stats are really important, we need to get better stats' and saying 'stats aren't directly tied to your success  as a missionary.' And this time they were on the 'stats are important' side. It was a pretty good Zone Conference. The two Assistants to the President are really great right now. And I can tell that it really helps Zone Conferences be good.

Unfortunately, and this is definitely not a miracle, my quality of sleep has been really really low these last few weeks. It may have something to do with the sun already being bright by 5:30. I really need to find a solution, because it's really bad to be tired all the time.

Also, the weather is getting pretty hot which means it's pretty much summer. Just like when it's cold, it's kind of hard to do missionary work when it's really hot. And my companion gets hot really easily, so he hasn't been very happy with the weather lately.

Hope everything is going well,

-Elder Mueller 

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