Sunday, May 18, 2014

Ueda is Awesome!

Hello, everyone.
Things have been pretty much going great. I love my new area. And my new companion is also great.

The best day this week was definitely Saturday. We spent from 9 am until 3 pm moving wood for a member named Sister N. It was great, but both mine and my companion's backs are way sore. After showering, we then had a lesson with J-san. She's about 40 and she has a daughter named S, who likes Star Wars a lot. She's been an investigator for a while, but lately she hasn't really been interested in the Gospel at all, she just really likes being friends with the missionaries and comes to English Class in Saku sometimes. But since I'm still a pretty new missionary, we asked her if we could do a "roleplay" lesson so that we could practice our teaching and our Japanese. Except that secretly we weren't really practicing, we were trying to teach her. It went really well, and I think she has a little interest now. If we keep teaching her slowly, this could go really well.

I might be teaching piano to an investigator's kids soon, so that will be an exciting adventure that I've never done before. 

I've actually had a lot of opportunities to play for people ever since I came to Ueda. Sister N has been praying that a missionary who can play the piano would transfer to Ueda for 4 years. She tries really hard to play for sacrament meeting, but she can still only play the very simplified hymns. But she's trying to learn so that she can play for church. But she loves that I was transferred here. 

I've also had a lot of other opportunities to play here. People just find out I can play the piano and then they want to hear me. It's kind of funny. But it's also really nice to know that I have a talent that I can share with people, even when I feel like my teaching or language skills aren't as good as I think they should be. 

This should also be a good week. I'm excited!

Hope you're all doing well.

With love,

Elder Mueller

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