Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day!

From Alex's mom:
We skyped with Alex for about an hour and a half last night. He looks and sounds really good. I took some notes about what we talked about so you can enjoy part of the conversation, too. Through the course of the conversation, we met all of the other missionaries and got to see bits of the church building. He also recited D&C 4 for us in Japanese. His companion (from Sendai) says Alex's accent is "perfect" and Alex says he is working on writing in Japanese.

Q&A with Mueller Choro

What have you been up to?
We went way out on the end of the peninsula to do service for a Brazilian member. We raked leaved until I thought my arms would fall off. Also, last Wednesday, my companion made himself lunch (we eat different things a lot) and he added too much cooking sake. He got himself a little drunk and we had to go back to the apartment until he settled down. :) Toyohashi is great...really nice people and my companion is awesome.

What happened with your bike?
I have a new one. It is much nicer than the old one...that one was kinda lame.

How's the iPad? What do you do with it?
Well, I'm skyping with it! But mostly we use them for reading. We also have access to lots of the church videos. That's it so far. 

How are your clothes holding up? How do you do your laundry?
Clothes are starting to wear out, but my short sleeved shirts are ok and that's what I will be wearing soon. We have a washer AND dryer. In the colder areas, everyone has both. In other areas, you hang your clothes to dry. 

Have you eaten any weird food lately?'s all starting to seem so normal. I did eat eggplant the other day, which I never would have eaten at home. I've also eaten raw octopus.

What do you want to eat when you get home?
Pizza and ice cream. Big. American.

Do you have goals for the remainder of your mission?
Keep going. I've been exercising--there is a small park across the street from our place and I've been running and I do sit-ups and push-ups every day. I also bought a yoga book and I'm getting more flexible! I'm rethinking my future a bit.

Because of the ease of sending photos with his iPad, Alex just flooded us with the most photos since he left. Enjoy!


 I sent Alex this tie for Easter. I also sent a matching one to his cousin, Nathan, in Italy:

Alex in his natural habitat. Or rather what he wished what his habitat was when he was 5

Alex reciting D&C 4 in Japanese.

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