Sunday, May 3, 2015

Forward Steps

Hello. I'm doing good. I feel good. Not so stressed. Not so
overwhelmed with everything happening around me. Less frustrated by
the fact that people just won't listen to me sometimes.

It's been a bit of a slow week. One of our investigators has been sick
and the other one is having a lot of trouble at work, so we haven't
been able to meet either of them for a while, but we've had contact
with them still and they both still want to meet with us, so that's

We did have a lesson this week with someone with a lot of questions
about the Book of Mormon that we are pretty sure he got off the
internet, and that was interesting. Luckily, my companion not only
understands Japanese perfectly, but he also went to college for three
years already and had to write scientific thesis and stuff like that,
so he knows how to think logically and how to understand arguments. It
was a unique experience to say the least. We'll see how it goes next

I celebrated my 18 month mark on my mission this week, and my
companion bought me dinner. There are some good Indian restaurants in
Japan. So we went and had some curry.

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