Monday, February 23, 2015

The End of one Chapter and the Beginning of Another

Dear my peoples,

Hello. How are you? I'm doing okay. It's the end of another transfer, and I am moving. My next area is called Toyohashi, in Aichi-ken. It's much closer to the mission home than anywhere else I've been, so it will definitely be a change. It's also a city much bigger than any I've ever served in, and there is a ward there. It's also the home ward of the new mission president who will start his service in July, so I will be able to meet him early :D

My new companion is. . .Elder M....ell. Yes. Like my little brother's name. A little goofy. 

This week we were privileged to be able to hear from Elder Ballard, Elder Rasband and Bishop Stevenson. That was quite an experience. The thing that struck me the most is just how friendly, and understanding and encouraging they all were. My view of the church has changed and continues to change the more contact I have with its leaders.

Yesterday at church, it being my last Sunday in Takayama, I was astonished at how much the members expressed their appreciation. I guess I've never really been able to get as close as I did to the members here, and it showed a lot.

The Takayama Branch President gave the lesson in Young Men's yesterday, and we talked about what we need to do in order to hold up better under the pressures of life. And what I felt was that I need to make sure that I don't think of my trials and difficulties as failures. Because I have been able to pull through and also do good and help those around me, I have succeeded. 

As more understanding and more light pours into my life, I close quite a dark year that began with an emergency transfer, and I begin a new chapter of my mission.

With love,

Elder Mueller

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