Tuesday, February 10, 2015

The Takayama Winter Continues

Dear peoples,

The winter here continues to be cold. And it's snowing a bit. But spring will come. There's nothing much to do but make the best of it. It kind of makes it difficult to meet with people. Nobody wants to meet because it's just so cold! So we spend a lot of time wandering the streets, trying to find somebody to talk to. It's quite an adventure.

We found a new investigator the other day. His name is K. He owns a bar, and so when we went to follow up with him, we had to search for his bar amidst all the clubs and stuff. It was really nerve-racking! But eventually we found it and found him and got his phone number. So we're maybe going to go out to eat this week. His English is really good. It's always nice to talk to people in English.

I received a blessing from my companion the other day. In the blessing the Lord told me that I have been doing his will, and that I need to be satisfied with my work; I am still human. It was a great reassurance to me, and it has helped me keep my head on straight when I feel like I'm carrying the world on my shoulders.

All in all, things are on the up-swing. There are days and even just moments where I don't feel so good, but in general things are heading in an upwards direction. I know it's not really because my circumstances have changed (things are pretty much the same) but I am changing. I know the Lord is looking out for me.

With love,

Elder Mueller

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