Monday, March 24, 2014

My Day of Deliverance is Nigh

Tomorrow, I will be leaving Fuji, and Elder T. I'm so excited to go! This is a fantastic area, and I love the people here, and I even love Elder T, but he is extremely taxing for me to be around and if this companionship was going to have to continue for much longer, something really bad would happen.

Last Saturday, we had transfer calls. And I will be returning to Numazu with a new companion, Elder J from Korea. I don't know him yet, but he was Elder Z's (my first MTC companion) trainer and I think we are going to have a good time.

Elder T is staying in Fuji, which means that we will still be in the same district. But things should be better. I'm not quite sure he's excited about staying here, since he told Elder G that he's pretty much given up on this area, but the Elder that's coming was his best companion for 5 transfers in a different area, and so he's really excited about him coming.

Unfortunately, in the past two weeks, we have done very little to no missionary work. We just stayed at the apartment and I tried to keep busy, doing useful things like studying and cleaning, while Elder T watched TV on his iPod. When we did go out, for English Class or church, things were always really tense. Being around him makes me really tense in general, but when we would have to do things together, I'd get anxious because it was at times like those in the past when I would just have to endure his complaining and abuse. But ever since transfer calls, things have calmed down a bit.

In all the time I've had, I've have been able to read the Book of Mormon in Japanese a lot. And I'm already in Mosiah 19! I know it probably doesn't matter to most of you who read this, but I'm excited about it, so I'm telling you.

My trainer, Elder G, is going to the Shizuoka area to become a Zone Leader for his last two transfers. Which means I still get to talk to him and see him at Zone Meetings and things. And, since I'm going to be companions with the District Leader again, I'll get to go on one or two last exchanges with him before he goes home.

We did get to go do something exciting today. As a district, we went to Fujinomiya where there is an enormous shrine where the deity of Mount Fuji is supposed to dwell. It was really cool. Although it wasn't exactly a district activity because the sisters stood us up at the last minute, so it was only the four elders. I'm sorry, I forgot my camera today, but next week I'll send you the pictures.

Tomorrow, I'll be going to Nagoya, and then back to the promised land of Numazu. My day of deliverance has come, Hallelujah! The Lord has saved me from my tribulations and now I may return to the land of my inheritance. Praise ye the Lord.

With love,

-Elder Mueller

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