Sunday, February 9, 2014

Week 6: Elder Mueller and the Terminating Transfer (This is last week's)

This is the last week of my first transfer. Wow! It's so exciting!
As you might expect, food is a little different here in Japan, and some things that I've eaten here are really really weird. For example, there is a food here called Nato, and it is fermented soybeans. It's sticky and slimy at the same time, and it tastes really bad. But I ate it. I eat everything that I'm served. Even when it's totally gross. But there are also some really good things too. Like Yakiniku! 

In the Numazu ward, we have a couple who arrived in Japan the same day that I got to Japan, and they are Brother and Sister F. The wife is a lady who lived here a long time ago and then stayed in America for quite a while. And the husband is a man who was a missionary here 10 years ago. They just got married in December and then moved here right after. Brother F is really cool and he helps us so much as missionaries. A lot of our appointments where we have a member there are with him.
Last Thursday, we had the opportunity to go visit T-san with F-kyodai which was great because we just found out that Brother F was one of the two missionaries who first contacted him. And that day we were going to challenge him to set a baptismal date because it felt like a good thing to do, and so we did, and he told us something that I don't think any of the previous missionaries that taught him knew. A long time ago, he along with forty-two other people swore to protect and take care of this Bhuddist shrine. And so he said that unless we want to kill the head priest, he can't be baptized now. But we are still going to teach him because he's great and even if he might not be able to be baptized in this life, I have no doubt in my mind that he is going to heaven, because he is the sweetest, humblest, most faithful man I think I have ever met.
On Saturday, I received the package you sent, which was perfect because it came on February 1st. And so I decorated the apartment with the things you sent and did origami and now I already have the paper crane memorized because it's the best one and I have them hanging from the ceiling by my desk.  It was great! Thank you so much! The candy is delicious :)

Alright, now I have to be off to a lesson with two of our progressing investigators who very well could be baptized in the next couple months if things go well.
Hope you're all well,
-Elder Alex Mueller

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