Monday, January 27, 2014

A Rushed Report

I don't have much time to write today, because today, there's a District Activity. We're going out for something called 焼肉(yakiniku) which literally translated is fried meat. I don't know what it's like though, so I guess both me and you will have to find out.
This last week was kind of crazy. Elder G had to go to Nagoya on Friday for a leadership conference, so I went to Fuji, the other area in our district and was on an exchange with one of the Elders there. I won't give a lot of details, but to put things simply, he is very hard to work with and very hard to live with. And they are actually having lots of problems in Fuji for that very reason.
At the end of the exchange, Elder G and I stayed in Fuji and performed in a music night their ward was having, and I played 'Claire de Lune' and I accompanied Elder G for an arrangement of 'Savior Redeemer of my Soul.' It was really nice.
On Thursday, I crashed my bike. It was 'oh so' exciting. I was just trying to take my glove off while riding and I lost control and ran into a concrete curb. I bruised my knee and it was hard to ride for an hour or two, but I went home and iced it and then I've been fine ever since. And my bike was fine too. It was very much a blessing.
Later that day, I was just riding along and I think school had just gotten out because there were lots of kids on the sidewalk, but my companion and I passed these girls -- they must have been middle school age -- and one of them said "Hello!" in English. Lots of kids say hello when we pass since we're American and most everyone is studying English in School. Anyway, I say 'Hello' back and then the three of them just started giggling a lot. Girls are crazy! I'm really glad I don't have to deal with that kind of thing while I'm here, as fun as it is when I'm not a missionary. Ridiculous.
Sorry there isn't much. But I think those are the important things.
I hope everyone is well. I love you all!
-Elder Alex Mueller
P.S. Pictures!!!

This is the apartment. And Elder G studying.

Elder G wanted to try my beef stew, so I managed to make some. It tasted pretty much like how it tastes in America, which is a miracle.

I finally got my good nametag with my Japanese name and my English one. Yes!

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