Monday, January 13, 2014

My First Mission Miracles

Hello everyone!

This week, especially near the end of it, I was not feeling too great. I've been expecting too much of myself. I've been really tired lately, and getting out of bed has been really tough and I've been falling asleep while studying too. And I've felt like a really bad missionary because of that. But I prayed and read the Book of Mormon and I felt much better afterward. I remembered that I'm trying my hardest to work as hard as I am capable without sending myself over the brink of insanity. Also, Elder G and I have had a hard time finding people to teach, and we've visited the homes of a lot of less active members and former investigators, but a lot of the time they just aren't home, so a lot of the biking we do feels like a waste.

Then, yesterday, a lot of things happened. First of all, during the first hour of church, which is priesthood --they have a backwards block-- a woman that neither of us had seen walked in, so we went over to talk to her, and it turns out that she had been on, chatted with one of the missionaries there, and decided to come to church. Her name is A, and she is Filipino, and her parents are Catholic, but she says that she doesn't really believe Catholicism. She also said that she's been going around to different churches to see what they're like, and that she really likes this one. And we have another appointment to teach her next week after church.

The other thing that happened was that after church we had a lesson with another investigator who's been meeting with the missionaries for about a year, named W S san. She is a little strange, and my companion thought for a long time that she only meets with the missionaries because she like foreigners, but yesterday we committed her to baptism. I really hope it pans out.

All of this goes to show that this really is the Lord's work. And that he really is preparing people, and that he rewards work, even if it is with something completely unrelated to the specific things you've been focusing on.

Next week, I'll write more about what being on a mission is like, and what Japan is like. But for now know that I'm working hard, and that even though missions are hard, and sometimes you get a little down, God is helping you. And he loves you a lot.

I love you all!

-Elder Mueller

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