Sunday, June 21, 2015

The Beginning of the End

So, another transfer has come and gone, and I'm leaving Toyohashi, and
so is Elder T...aka. The number of missionaries in the mission is going
down due to the bubble of missionaries that came after the age change
going home today, so there are a lot of companionships that are
closing, and ours is one of them.

I'm going to Nakatsugawa, in Gifu-ken. It's not too far from here, but
it is a lot smaller town than here. But it is in the same stake, so I
will probably be able to see everyone from here again. It's also in
the same zone as the mission home, so I'll be closer to there than I
ever have on my mission. Which will be nice, seeing as I'm already
friends with the mission president. It's right up next to the
mountains in Nagano-ken (the volcano that erupted last year is in my
area) so it should be pretty, but it's also notorious for being one of
the hottest areas in the mission during the summer, so I will have to
be careful about drinking water and such.

My companion is named Elder Jo.... I've never met him before, but I
talked to him on the phone yesterday, and he sounds like a nice guy.
He's going to be the youngest companion I have had yet, only having
been in the field for three months. But I'm sure we're going to have a
great time.

Also a bit of a surprise, I'm going to be a district leader this
transfer! I didn't think I would ever be a mission leader, but it
happened. There are going to be ten people in my district, which is on
the bigger side. But I'm excited to carry out my new responsibilities.

I've learned and grown a lot in Toyohashi. Met some great people. Made
a lot of new friends. Had some adventures. Have worked and played.
Have been sad and tired at times, and happy and full of energy
sometimes. And I feel like I've done what I've needed to. And I've
taken a huge step forward, not just for my mission, but for my entire

Nakatsugawa is probably the last place I'll serve in before I return
to America, so I'm going to make sure my time counts there.

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