Monday, April 7, 2014

Silencing Satan

Hello, everyone,

I realize that the Subject is a bit graphic, but I think it's appropriate. Allow me to explain why.

As I wrote last week, my trials did not end in Fuji. The negativity and depression that I fought against there lingered on in my mind, allowing Satan to put pressure on my soul like I have never experienced before. And also allowed him to drag up insecurities that I thought I had buried for good a long time ago.

This all has taken a significant toll on my ability to work. To the point where thoughts of giving up and just being done often entertained my mind. It's amazing the power that the devil has to bring us down.

However, the power that he posesses is nothing in comparison with the redeeming power of Jesus Christ. Yesterday, I realized something that blew all of those things away.

All I need to do, is follow the Spirit. I have been relying far too much on my own abilities, talents, wisdom and stamina, and little on the divine help that the Lord has provided for us all. The Spirit will guide me and so it doesn't matter how much I mess up with Japanese, or how difficult it is for me teach. Because this isn't my work. I'm not the real teacher. The Spirit is.

I'm sorry this is short. But I promise I'll talk more about the work and the other miracles I'm seeing every day next week. We have an appointment soon that I'm really excited for in a little while, and I need to go.

Trust in the Lord! I love you all!

-Elder Mueller

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