Monday, April 14, 2014

From Alex's Mom

Hi, everyone. Alex didn't send out a general letter this week. but he did send some photos and a message to me. He is doing a bit better. His companion only speaks broken English and Alex only broken Japanese, so communication between them can be tough sometimes. He feels a bit lonely. But he is learning to stay very close to the spirit. In his words: "...I have to rely on God to be my friend. He, of course, is a great friend, and I have lately been able to strengthen my relationship with him and open more wide the channels of personal revelation as I pour my heart out to Him on a regular basis...."

Here are some photos:

A sunset in Numazu.
Sakura in Kanami, waiting for our investigator to pick us up for a lesson.
Me playing Settlers of Catan in Fukuroi. There was a District Leader meeting in Nagoya, so Elder J and the other DLs went together, and I was in a threesome with the guy who's sleeping (He's a bean. It was like his first week as a missionary in the field), and the guy taking the photo, Elder Na. But the trains were delayed coming back, so we just had to stay the night in Fukuroi, the six of us, so we played Settlers. They play it weird here.
Elder Na and me at interviews.
My goofball companion, Elder J.
Yours truly.

-Elder Mueller

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