Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Elder Mueller is in Japan!

Elder Mueller is in Japan! He flew to Detroit and then on to Nagoya yesterday. He called twice from the airport. He was thrilled to be on his way and was enjoying his Jamba Juice. He shared his testimony with us in Japanese, so that was pretty awesome! There were 8 missionaries travelling together to Nagoya yesterday. I have included his latest email from last Saturday. His contact info is below. Letters take about 10 days and take 3 stamps :) I will keep it updated when we have his mailing info for his first area.
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40 hours...

That's how long I have left until I leave the MTC. It's so exciting!

Not a lot has happened this week. I'm just packing today and preparing to leave on Monday morning.

We did have In-Field Orientation yesterday. They taught us a lot of stuff about how to work with members and about how Heavenly Father helps us find those people that he has been preparing to be taught.

Thanks for getting everyone to write to me on Christmas. The love and support is much appreciated, and I am sure that in times of trouble, those words will be an anchor that I might not be swept away when the adversary clouds my head in darkness.

The MTC has definitely been the hardest thing that I've ever had to do in my life, just psychologically. It's really tough. After two days you feel like you've been here for an eternity already, and the strains and the pressures of the life and culture have almost torn me apart at my weakest times. But through my trials I have learned lots of things and become stronger. And I'm grateful for these trials. I'm just really glad that these ones are over :)

The last thing I want to write about is love and charity. Funnily enough, even though I've studied it like crazy in the past year and a half, and even gave my farewell talk about it, I'm still working really hard to be good at it. I'm praying all the time to love those around me. It's really hard sometimes, but I know the Lord is pouring it into my heart so that I can be a better missionary. And I realized the other day that all of my trials and all of my life have been shaping me so that I can love more deeply and love more. It was an amazing epiphany.

The church is still true. The next time you hear from me I'll be five thousand miles away in the land of the rising sun.

I love you all.

-Elder Alex Mueller

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